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Copacabana, Crazy For You etc

    Cerise & yellow skirt + Dark pink feather collar.jpg (1584811 bytes)     Dark pink & red feather collar.jpg (1463533 bytes)     Pale pink feather harnesses.jpg (89595 bytes)    Copa blue with flounce.jpg (1713708 bytes)   Copa Carmen miranda with headdress.jpg (1693148 bytes)

     Copa Cerise sequin & yellow pink leotard.jpg (1540282 bytes)    Yellow leotard with yellow feathers.jpg (350972 bytes)  Yellow & white feather ensemble.jpg (1028019 bytes)

          Copa Black & Red feathers front.jpg (1577954 bytes)    Copa Black & Red feathers rear.jpg (1792290 bytes)    Varirty lineup.jpg (356076 bytes)     

Red & black headdresses.jpg (295669 bytes)

Die Fledermaus

Fledermasu Black front detail.jpg (796054 bytes)        Fledermaus Black rear detail.jpg (539651 bytes)       

Fledermaus 2 principal & Orlofsky.jpg (556262 bytes)   Fledermaus Orlofsky full.jpg (553794 bytes)   Fledermaus Pink  rear detail.jpg (541846 bytes)    Fledermaus Pink f rot.jpg (472348 bytes)   Fledermaus chorus ballgowns reverse.jpg (621780 bytes)   Fledermaus chorus ballgowsn front.jpg (798169 bytes) 


More Copacabana etc

Huge blue feather harness.jpg (1610895 bytes)   Turquoise feathered cloak.jpg (1772776 bytes)   Various show cloaks in blue.jpg (1240115 bytes)  Photo12_9.jpg (547858 bytes)


Les Miserables School Edition

lesmischorusc.jpg (70562 bytes)                lesmisball.jpg (36940 bytes)


Singin' In The Rain

      Sing  White coat Balloon Coat.jpg (464652 bytes)        Singin - B&W suits.jpg (942808 bytes)      


Titanic The Musical

 Three Kates L.jpg (541872 bytes)  Titanic 1st class day.jpg (631082 bytes)  Titanic 1st Class evening sample.jpg (466036 bytes)       

Titanic Alice Beane (right) Caroline Neville (left).jpg (541247 bytes)  Titanic chorus 1st class evening.jpg (561450 bytes)  Titanic L 1st Class ensemble.jpg (80224 bytes)  

Titanic Worcs panorama.jpg (906076 bytes)       


42nd Street

 42 street 01.jpg (62084 bytes)           We're In The Money.jpg (91357 bytes)       42nd Street Beautiful Girls.jpg (82759 bytes)

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